The Blog that’s taking the Internet by Storm

Hello Giggle, the lifestyle website has carved out a particular space in the women’s media space since its launch in 2011. 12 million unique readers visit the website each month due to the fun and amusing content. The online community covers everything from fashion, culture, relationships, art, and issues that most matter in women’s lives. The site has recently blown up for being light-hearted, random and .  cheerful.

Whatever the content, founding partner, Zooey Deschanel, hopes to inspire a smile from readers. Here are just a few to mention.

  • DIY and crafting projects
  • Beauty
  • Sex and relationships
  • Pop culture
  • Tv and movies
  • Pets

Hello Giggles

The class was originally founded by writer Molly McAleer, producer Sophia Rossie and actress Zoey. The topics covered are so broad and diverse written by the huge group of writers, many of which are readers.


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