The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

John Green’s novel “The Fault in our Stars” has shot to popularity due to its fabulous yet tragic love story. Cancer is a dreadful disease that chooses its victim regardless of age, gender or status. And John uses this well known knowledge to sweep the rug from under our feet.

Book cover

Too many can relate to the heartache of illness. John brings the story to life with Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenage girl stricken with illness. She had come to terms with her inevitable death until she meets Augustus Walters, a charming cancer survivor. Hazel has been used to three things—her family, few friends and her oxygen tank, Philip so when Augustus enters, her story becomes completely rewritten

For a tale that deals with such a heart-breaking subject, there is beauty and humour throughout. John takes characters that live in the harshest reality and places them in a rich and vibrant story. You become a part of these character’s lives by getting to know their friends and family. Eventually, you share in their love, joy and pain.


Be prepared for a story of romance, pain, friendship, excitement and the bravery of teenagers who have more courage than you or I. You have been warned that you will laugh, cry and go straight back for more. Keep tissues close by.

glass case of emotion

When you have read the book, you can have a look at the trailer here.


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