American Horror Story

American Horror Story Returns for Season 5

The long awaited FX series returned for its anticipated fifth season. This time, writers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk bring the horror to the enticing Hotel Cortez.

The first episode made quite the impression, containing more blood and gore than all four seasons put together. We begin in the Sunny LA, where two Swedish tourist arrive to visit Universal Studios. They are quickly landed in their worst nightmares.


The main disturbances?

  • A cheating couple impaled and mutilated to a headboard.
  • Cannibal children eating a live tourists.
  • A man raped by a male mutant.


Fans will know Ryan is no fan of subtlety. Unfortunately, there is no gentle ease into the dark story for newbies.

Actresses Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates return to the series for a whole new story. They are no strangers to the show, both starring in previous series.

Sarah Paulson
Kathy Bates












Sally, a tortured soul played by the familiar face, Paulson. The most intriguing character by far is an old junkie who resides in the Hotel. Ten years ago she lured Gaga’s lover, Matt Bomer into a room to shoot up with him. They share needles and he seemingly dies of an overdose. Donovan’s mother and the hotel receptionist, Idris, pushes Sally out a window

And yet, all the characters are alive?

But it was the Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga who received rave reviews. She sports long robes, red lipstick and cocaine. Countess Elizabeth and her partner Donovan are mysterious and fabulous. They reside in the lavish pent-house.

Lady Gaga
Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer












We were not disappointed with Gaga’s mesmerising debut. Gaga and Donovan flirt with two hipsters at an outdoor theatre. They bring them back to their lavish quarters for a foursome. In unison, Gaga and Donovan open up the veins of the young couple. They take an orgasmic blood bath and share a post-coital cigarette.

Across town, we meet John Lowe. He is detective investigating the crimes of a sadistic serial killer. His daughter refuses to accept the disappearance of her younger brother, Holden. Lowe catches a glimpse of his son in the Cortez which seems to be more of a state of mind than a place.

All seems very eerie. The first episode is secretive giving us just of taster of what is to come. All one thing is for certain—boogiemen are on their way.


Prepare yourself for their introduction. Watch the trailer here.


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