Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3

After two seasons, Fox brings back Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It seems the writers have settled into a nice groove. The show now has the potential to be the next work-based comedy.

The fantastic premiere tied up all the loose ends that were left dangling. The episode deals with the new captain and Holt’s new position. But more importantly, it deals with Jake and Amy’s kiss.

All the characters are tested when new blood is brought to the precinct in the form of Captain Dozerman played by Bill Hader. The over-the-top, narcissistic replacement for Holt brings a soul-crushing work demand.

Jake succeeds in charming Dozerman which always always fell flat with Holt.

Amy and Peralta decide to go on a break after Donzerman’s advice.

Captain Holt is bullied by his new captain, Madeline Wuntch.


However, neither their break-up nor Holt’s harassment. Thankfully, neither does Dozerman. His character didn’t fit in well with other characters. And it also didn’t fit in with the style of the show.

Amy and Peralta

He will not be missed!

Captain Holt and Geena return to the nine-nine to all of our delights. The strong character was defeated in his new job. They most interesting and fun duo to watch returned home. His straight seriousness is a comic contrast to Geena’s narcissism.


All in all? A great season premiere. The show seems to be focusing more on original side characters like Holt and Geena. And it still manages to shake things up but remaining true to itself. Most importantly, it never fails to entertain.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I think a lot of great things are in store for us. Check out the trailer below.





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