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Episode 3 “Mommy”

Welcome back to the Hotel Cortez, where episode three has providing a little clarity. Finally, we’ve been given an insight into the dramatic goals of characters. Before now things were completely vague.

  • Dectecive John Lowe wants to catch the Ten Commandments Serial Killer.
  • His wife Alex wants a divorce.
  • The Countess wants to seduce, marry and kill the rich gay fashion designer Will Drake.
  • Mr. March wants new vampire Tristan to make use of his neglected slaughter palace.×9/960.jpg

Iris feels her only purpose in life is to take care of her son, Donovan. That is why she followed him when he was getting high with Sally. And that is why she asked The Countess to save him after he overdosed.

Ironically, it’s Sally (who she pushed out a window) she asks for assistance when her heartbroken son, Donovan, tell her to kill herself. After injecting Iris with enough heroine to “bring down a marching band,” Sally is resorted to chocking her with a plastic bag. In a desperate attempt to safe her, Donovan uses his magic vampire blood.

The star of this episode is Angela Bassett who plays Ramona Royale. She kidnaps Donovan and the truth unfolds. The Countess (Gaga) saved her from her “boring” life as a 70’s Hollywood movie star. Their love went on for decades. But when Ramona found her true love and dared to turn him, all hell broke loose. It couldn’t have been that bad you say? It was. The Countess left lover boy dead and their relationship ruined. It seems she is not a fan of her creations moving on.


Now Ramona wants payback by getting the little blonde pale kids running around the hotel. (Gaga’s abducted/adopted children.) With Donovan no longer being the apple of The Countess’ eye, who can they use on the inside? Hardly new Iris?
The focus on mothers this episode continues with Alex Lowe played by Chloë Sevigny. We find out she died the day her son was taken and even tried to commit suicide. She admits to never bonding with her husband or daughter the same way. She accuses her daughter of trying to hurt her by making up stories about seeing him in the hotel. But Scarlett is adamant she saw the white room with video games and tiny glass coffins. At the end of the episode, Alex sees him for herself. “Hi, Mommy,” never sounded so strange.


So far, their reason for staying so long is for love, revenge, escape and power. The inhabitants of the Hotel appear to be a mixture of all things imaginable. But it also seems to be one big family, protecting each other’s secrets. This episode has really set up some interesting stories. Hopefully, they plan on following up on them soon. Except this time with more Mr March. The frozen in time 1920’s character seems to hold another big puzzle piece in the mysterious season.



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