Is Glenn alive?

After being with us for 6 whole seasons, Glenn played by Steven Yeun was seemingly killed off-screen. The torture was unbearable as blood and guts poured everywhere. It was without a doubt the biggest punch in the face since the show started.


However, there was no confirmation of death. And so fan theories blew up, speculating how he managed to survive a small army of walkers.

It seemed like Steven was truly gone when his name was taken out of the opening credits two weeks ago. After all, how would he have survived without his partner, Nicholas? Especially when Nicholas shot himself in the head, hurling them both into danger.


The newest episode “Always Accountable,” shun a ray of hope. Daryl is seen speaking to someone through his walk-talkie. Right before it finishes, a word is heard on the other end—“Help.”

It was completely unlikely that Glenn managed to get away unharmed. But it was his voice. What do you think?



Have a look at the trailer for Season 6.



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