Blast from the “Murder House” is visiting The Cortez.


Sarah Paulson has been very busy lately playing “Hypodermic” Sally on AHS:Hotel. Now, it’s been revealed that she will be the next connect between season 5 “Hotel” and the very first season, Murder House.”

Each season focuses on a new story with new characters but reuse actors from previous seasons. Sarah will be pulling double-duty in the upcoming season finale. Billie Dean Howard, a psychic we last saw in season 1 was busy helping a family with their deamons. Now, she has her own reality series is visiting the Cortez to film an episode.


Here is what I want to know…

Will Sally and Billie meet face to face?

Will Billie be able to help poor Sally?

Will Billie be able to help any of the ghosts trapped in the hotel?

Will Sally get jealous of her life and take it?

The possibilities are endless. But one thing is for sure. This season finale  may be the biggest slaughter match of the show so far.


Need to refresh your memory of the terrifying and terrific season 1? Have a look below.


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