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Episode 4 “Devil’s Night”

Dare spend Halloween in The Cortez? “Devil’s Night” provided us with just a taste of the bad things that go bump in the night.

Halloween eve brought an array of dead serial killers’ ghosts to the Cortez. Why? For a night of fun, dinner and murder, of course!

Ricky Ramirez (Anthony Ruivivar) walks in for his standing reservation. Based on the serial killer who died in 2013, he wastes no time in getting to business.  Mr. March leaves a welcome gift on his pillow. They were not treats. Just a sleeping couple who had the misfortune of checking in. They become his first victims of the night.

John Lowe looks for the source of blood dripping down his wall. On the floor above him, he finds Ms. Evers, the hotel’s cleaner. Her flashback to 1925 reveals that she also had a son who was abducted. He became his costume, a ghost, after being taken by a serial killer. All that was left was a bloody sheet. His bones were scattered in a mass grave with all the other victims.

A follow up shows the crime took place 60 years ago. John is even more shocked to find a picture of Ms. Evers, who hasn’t aged.

Alex manages to bring Holden home. His temperate is off. He’s pale. He hasn’t aged. After finding him feasting on their dog, he brings her back to the hotel to meet his new mother.

The Countess waits for her and claims that she saved all of her children from neglect. She explains the “blood disorder” of everlasting life and offers it to Alex. There’s only one catch—her undying loyalty.

John finds himself in hot water when he drunkenly invites another guest back to his room.  Lily Rabe (season 2) plays Aileen Wuornos. The serial killer handcuffs him to a chair and puts a gun to his head. He manages to flip the situation and runs to reception for answers. Liz Taylor has no answers for him, but she does have an invitation to the “Devil’s Night Soiree” from Mr. March.

 John returns to his room to find Aileen gone and a tux waiting. He joins the party to find her joined by other deceased famous killers including Ricky Ramirez and the Zodiac Killer. James March, their mentor, thought them everything they knew. Now they all get together once a year to reminisce.

Lily Rabe

Sally brings an innocent man who becomes their group slaughterer. She manages to convince a horrified John that he was hallucinating and brings him safely back to his room.

All in all, this episode was nothing but strange. It’s clear they wanted to stick to the Halloween theme, but it almost became too much. The stories with Alex’s, Miss. Evers and The Countess were an appreciated break from all of the slightly crazier events of the night.

Have a look for yourself.


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