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Episode 5 “Room Service”

After last weeks crazy episode, “Room Service” has just planted some seeds that are sure to bite back later on. Relationships are developed and tested and we finally get to see Liz Taylor’s backstory. But most importantly, the ancient blood virus leaves the Cortez to have deadly consequences.

Alex, now a bloodthirsty member of the undead, finds an all you can drink buffet in the hospital’s blood bank. She finds it difficult to keep her thirst at rest while she works as a doctor. Max is dying from measles due to never being vaccinated. In a bid to save a young boy’s life, she injects her blood into his IV. What she expects to heal him actually causes his heart to stop. Hours later he’s fine and healthy. It’s a miracle!

Or the complete opposite. At home, the young boy’s appetite gets the better of him. He kills both his parents just before getting on the school bus. There, he passes on the disease to his classmates and tells them to feed on their educators.

When the authorities show up to the bloodbath, the three “survivors” tell of a big man dressed in black wearing a white mask who is the culprit. Not only does the virus alter them physically (immortality) but it also seems to mentally, as they showed no empathy.

Back in the Cortez, Ramona creates a partnership with Donovan after finding the perfect inside, newly-vamp, Iris, the receptionist. She questions her reasons to stay yet again. She ends up confiding in Liz Taylor, who encourages her to “scorch the damn earth before her.”

Liz (Denis O’Hare) was a married man with children before his life changed from visiting the Cortez. On business trips, Liz would borrow her favourite ensembles from her wife. She would only release her inner diva alone in the confined privacy of hotel rooms.

However, The Countess invited herself into her room out of curiosity, for Liz was a man, but smelt like a women. She encourage her and ultimately creates the fabulous Liz Taylor. When she is cornered by her co-workers in the hall, she murders them all. Liz now works in the Hotel for The Countess, where she feels perfectly at home.

A weak Iris endures demands and belittlement from a young hipster couple. Eventually, she caves and kills them. During clean up with a helpful Liz she seems liberated. It seems her new liberation will lead her on a completely new path, one that is sure to surprise Donovan, who wants to use her as a pawn.

The episode was unusually low on John. He‘s being questioned for the murder during “Devil’s Night,” and is sticking to what he saw—a group of deceased serial killers. He is unable to remember conversations or having sex with Sally. His mental state seems to be deteriorating as he can hardly keep things together.

All things strange and scary to come. Take a look at the promo below.


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