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Creative Ways to Wow Employees at Your Event

Have you ever met your top sales assistant? Could a manager pick out an intern in a room of strangers? Are your employees friends or acquaintances? Internal events have become one of the most engaging ways to motivate and bond employees. Not only do they bring everyone together as a community by closing the gap of workplace hierarchy but they also lead to greater staff turnover and employee morale. Those who feel overlooked appreciate the encouragement to share their ideas, no matter how ridiculous.

Internal events boost both creativity and innovation with ultimately keeps your company a step ahead of the competitors. Behind every great idea is an imaginative mind to keep up to date with both cultural and technological advances. So here are a few of our ideas to host a successful event that will inspire your employees!

You can’t spell Interactive without “I”

“Gamification” is becoming a major trend right now by applying the standard element of a game to the marketing world. So why not make your scavenger hunt a little more modern using QR codes? Attendees can scan these with their phone or tablet, but don’t let scanning be the only requirement. Let attendees follow clues to trivia booths and management to decipher riddles.

The right tool for the job

Companies in Japan like to impress employees and clients with robots and other futuristic tech. While you don’t need to go to that extent, be sure to bring on something that will catch the attendees’ interests. The upcoming VR headsets track your head movements in a three dimensional world. (Basically, you’re a character in an alternate game reality.)

Hi, I’m @kittykat12

Have employees wear twitter nametags containing a fun fact about themselves to break the ice. The attendees can then give online “shout-outs” when meeting some colleagues for the first time. This will encourage interaction between employees (especially the shy ones) and help with name to face recognition.

Time to power up

How could we function without them? Nearly everyone carries a wire with them which means they’ll be looking for an outlet. Provide a power station but add an interactive element to make it a bit more interesting. Let employees generate power by pedalling bicycles, throwing balls through a hoop or by completing puzzles. A cluster of onlookers and participants is bound to form, creating a power hub of conversation and networking.

 No walls, only screens

It’s a challenge to create and more importantly, maintain a high level of interest at your events. Finding the best social media tool to suit your employees can be a frustrating thing. But a social media wall platform will put your mind at ease. Have various social feeds on different displays during the event. A live stream will allow employees to tweet, Instagram, or snapchat for everyone to see. And make sure to create your own hashtag for the event to get it #trending.

Motivation is key

They’re not new but they don’t have to be old. Invite a motivational speaker with an interactive style. Your employees won’t want to listen to blabbering suit talking about their success for an hour. Instead, invite someone truly inspirational, who against all odds, has made it to where they are. How about someone like Nick Vujicic? You want someone to energise, inform and challenge your employees to take the next step. Their story may seem like it has little to no relevance to your company’s goals, but as long as it’s inspiring, it will!

For Innovative Thinkers Only

Give a quirky name to the lounge areas around your event and set up some random tools in your innovative location to make and create. Employees can share supplies, skills, ideas and work on projects together. Not only do they communicate and collaborate but they also need to think outside the box. So who knows? Maybe their invention could be the next big thing.

Share your vision!

Make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos during the event. Periscope takes real-time to a new level by allowing anyone to share a live public video broadcast where viewers can ask questions. It’s authentic, unscripted, and a way to get your events well known. Have employees use this to show-off your successful event to the world (or just colleagues) along with interviews and new product demos.

Eyes on the prize

Employees grow tired of the same formats and speakers over and over again. However, software like Lintelus have been designed specifically to increase audience engagement. How do they do this? By use of interaction, of course. Attendees can view slides live on their mobiles or tablets, take notes and join in on live chat groups, polls and Q&A sessions. Everyone gets to have their say.


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