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Reasons to Host an Internal Event

Employee engagement is one of the best kept secrets to a successful company. Some of the largest and most iconic companies host annual internal events called Hackathons. Why a Hackathon? Well, behind the software, hardware and graphics, every employee is given a chance to come up with new ideas to boost company business or to solve a problem.

While Hackathons are generally related to technology, the idea of an internal event can be implemented in nearly any industry (even non-tech heads). Diverse employees of different strengths, backgrounds and talents get to have fun, share their ideas and more importantly, be inspired. And these ideas could easily become a reality. They may not be the CEO, but they are hard employees who know the business’ weaknesses and opportunities.

Internal events aren’t just fun trips, small talk and free food. They can, in fact, be one of the very best ways to boost employee efficiency. Here are some of the reasons why your company needs to host internal events.

  1. Is everyone on the same page? (Group Cohesion)

Having employees from different departments under the same room is a unique opportunity. Here, they can share their experiences, give updates and set goals. Internal events will bring employees from different cultures and backgrounds together, helping them to finally put a face to the name, or the voice.

  1. Talking isn’t for slackers. (Employee Engagement)

Honest discussion will help to turn colleagues into friends. This will make the office a much happier (and more productive) place. And be sure to invite employees to help plan the outing. They’ll feel a little more valued and a lot less dispensable… Reputation is everything.

  1. What makes them tick? (Improve context and credibility)

Employees aren’t the only ones with a lot to learn. Internal events are the best way for companies to gauge the overall feeling of their team and get ideas of how best to move forward. Employees like to know that approaching the boss doesn’t always have to be daunting. A good internal event will help bring them face to face with management in a not so formal setting.

  1. Fight or flight? (Stress relief)

Just how often do your employees reach for the stress ball? Fun events help to relieve anxiety. The last thing you want is for your team to feel overtaxed. Breaking the tedium is a great way to keep the stress at bay. Make the outing a success and your employees will bring that enthusiasm with them to the office.

  1. Jumping ship? (Loyalty)

Remember that there are other career opportunities out there. A fun event will help your company stand above the competition. Show your employees that you want them to enjoy their time with you and you won’t have to train new ones.



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