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Tips and Tricks for Planners using Qmeeto

We’ve taken a look at how to ease your stress while still creating a more efficient and effective event. You’re not going to please everyone, but you certainly can please the majority. Get on the road to successful events with these tips.

Email scheduling while you’re out

You need to make sure your emails get sent, delivered and opened. So arrange an email schedule for when you’re not in the office. Don’t forget to make them appealing. Looking at a generic black and white screen isn’t going to instil any excitement in them. Your invitees want something to visually engage them. With Qmeeto you can easily design and customise your own email campaigns. It also shows you who and who has not opened their mail.

Prioritise what needs to be done

It’s no surprise that event management was named one of the most stressful jobs in the world. With food, venues, times and travel, it’s a miracle you haven’t pulled out your hair already. To get on top of your organising, prioritise what needs to be done. With Qmeeto you can add what needs to be done, leave notes for yourself and categorise them by their urgency. Once you have them completed, just mark them off on your list—simples.

Arrange in advance

Having travel and accommodation arranged correctly is a must. It’s the deciding factor to weather attendees and speakers show up to your event or not. So make sure to do it well in advanced and have it followed up closer to the event. Find out where there coming from, where they have to go, and how they’re going to get there. Qmeeto allows you to organise the travel, accommodation and schedule of each invitee. No attendees means no talking which means a ghost event. You want rave reviews? Start by using the right software.

Let everyone know their schedule

You’ve one hundred attendees getting a coach to the venue but the speakers don’t have to be there until ten so will be getting a private cab. And what about staff? They’ll have to be there early for set up. You need to make sure everyone knows their individual schedules and travel. Leaving it until the day of will cause mayhem, so make sure to send out their itineraries in advance. Our software lets you do this with the click of a button. It’s the best way to have the day run smoothly and without any hiccups.

Clear up any doubt during registration

Registration isn’t just to find the number of attendees. It’s more than likely your one and only chance to see what invitees want, what they’d prefer, if they need a hotel organised for them and if they have any special requirements. Not sure what speaker or location to use? Make it a required question. Having definite answers will allow you to continue putting your event together while having it based on the general consensus of those attending. Qmeeto allows you to send your invite registration link to the event website. Here, invitees can pick and choose from multiple or single choice questions you need to know. Remember, you’re goal is to keep them happy. So knowing what they want will be the first step in delivering.


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