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How to Promote Speakers at Your Event

Motivational speakers make a living encouraging others to do, to get out there and to aspire for more. Fortunately, most companies now host several conferences or seminars throughout the year to benefit employees and their work. Attendees can gain positive influence on their professional and personal life, boosting their self-esteem. The only problem is actually convincing invitees to show up. If your speaker isn’t the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, they may need extra convincing. So, we recommend following these tips to get everyone involved.

  1. #Label

A hashtag specifically for your event is your first step to increasing attendee participation. The correct hashtag can magnify social buzz and event boost overall attendance. Try to keep it short, unique but most importantly, relevant. Yours will allow you to join relevant conversations and threads of attendees and the event industry. They’ve caught on, so remember to think of keywords for best results.

  1. Advertise

The majority of your invitees will have to visit your event website for either registration or to see the agenda. It may be your only direct chance to engage them with your speaker. Set up their own personal page with their picture and short bio. But most importantly, add videos. Video-marketing is expected to be the next big thing to trend at this year’s events because invitees want visual engagement. And don’t forget to add your speaker’s social links to get everyone acquainted.

  1. Spread the word

Your chosen hashtag won’t be used on twitter alone. Everyone from Facebook, Google, Pintrest, Tumblr and Instagram have implemented their use. Share it across all media sites accompanied by a link to your speaker page on the event website. You want invitees to get talking online, to voice their concerns and questions. Your speaker needs to use this opportunity to customise the angle to take to motivate your attendees. They can only do this correctly by getting to know their audience.

  1. Infiltrate the Speaker Club

Your speaker will have their own fans, followers and contacts, so encourage them to promote your event. Their social reach will not only pick up potential new attendees. This will gain your event wider recognition but also advertise themselves as a sough after speaker. Encourage them to use it to their advantage to achieve a larger audience who, if impressed, will add to their growing fanbase. Don’t forget to tag them in tweets and statuses to share!

  1. Pick your plus 1, or 2, or 3

You want your event to have rave reviews, to get your name as an event organiser out there. So how are you going to get some recognition? We suggest inviting local journalists and bloggers to your event. Offer them the inside scoop on the most anticipated event of the season. Let them host an interview session with your speaker to gain a more personal connection with your attendees. It’s win-win for everyone!

  1. Keep it aLIVE

Live blogging, tweeting and streaming has become incredibly popular to advertise events. Social media users from around the world can watch events together and offer commentary as the event unfolds. Any important updates made regarding your event will become part of an endless stream of opinions on the same event. The short updates act as an introduction to what you do and to your speaker. Live stream their speech in front of your audience. This way, there’s no restrictions of character or video length and who knows? Maybe you could gain some international clients.



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