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How to Promote Your Event

So you have the catering, the venue and the speakers but something’s missing—the guests. You could arrange your event to perfection, checking every minute detail but if there’s no guest, there’s no event. Attendees are great; you get a crowd at something you organised, feedback and you get to see everything unfold. You want to see people enjoy what you’ve worked hard to create. But with today’s lifestyle, hardly anyone has the time.  Your attendees have responsibilities, responsibilities you want to convince them to disregard for the day. To do this, you need to convince them it’s going to be worth it. So here’s what we’ve come up with to help promote your event.

Get on the List

The purpose of an event listing is to share critical details about your event to entice invitees to attend. Including all the information in a friendly manner can be a tricky art to master. Details are useful but it’s meant to be an invite, not an essay. Keep it at a reasonable length without overlooking the basics. Take the opportunity to answer the questions they may be thinking. What will be missed by those who don’t attend? On your event site, the image generally makes the first impression, so make it original and interesting to stand out from the rest. Finally, seal the deal with a catchy, smart title. No one will go for a drab event so keep it alive and sell it.

Get Social

Millennial’s are popping up in the workplace, Facebook has 1 billion active daily users and Pope Francis has a twitter account—the social craze is in full swing. Generally, the last and first thing we see of the day are the same. Weather it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, checking the latest news has become part of our daily (or hourly) routine. Use this to your advantage. Create online registrations for the event on its standalone webpage containing all of the relevant social media icons. Encourage them to share the event with colleagues or friends by having it just one click away. Offer a prize for the most sharing done.


Hashtags have become the most popular way to search for news on a specific topic.  Nearly every social site has updated or changed its software to accommodate and provide these search engines. They are a quick and easy way to start a discussion on a category that anyone can then join or share. In this current fast-sharing tech era, a sense of community has become an addiction. Why? Because you can see, hear and talk to someone rather than spending thousands to visit. So keep the hashtag original, related to your event and short. The easier it is to remember, the more likely it is to catch on, the more likely it is to get trending.


Live video and blog themes have become a very affordable option to visually communicate with virtually anyone online. Scrolling through pages of tweets and status’ looking for specific information or updates can be gruelling. A live stream abolishes this by allowing anyone sitting in the comfort of their pyjamas attendee of the event. Did I mention they’re interactive? Well, they are and the audience can actually participate online with feedback. Plus, there won’t be a limit to the amount of viewers that can watch, unlike your actual guest list. Your name will get out there beside anyone with an interest events.


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