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Top Unique Venues London

  1. National History Museum

Not many can say they’ve had dinner next to a Diplodocus, or more precisely, next to the skeleton replica of one. Since opening its doors in 1881, the National History Museum of London has welcomed and transported millions back to a time before iPhones and VR Headsets. Home to life and earth sciences, the 80 million items fall under botany, entomology, mineralogy, palaeontology and zoology–basically plants, insects, minerals, fossils and animal biology. The magnificent indoor architecture and outdoor spaces makes it one of London’s most notorious venues for large corporate events. There may not be any pink elephants present, but you can be sure there will be a giant blue whale.


2. Ice Bar

It’s difficult to find a unique venue with an attached bar in any city. But it just so happens, London has its very own Ice Bar made purely out of crystal clear ice. Everything inside from the walls, tables, chairs, bars and even glasses are made entirely out of harvested ice from North Sweden. And if you start to feel a little nippy you can head to the warm cocktail bar and restaurant upstairs. Ideal for small to medium sized events, they can accommodate up to 80 delegates for a seated dinner or 180 for a canapé reception. This unique and memorable environment is the ideal venue for anyone wanting to impress their attendees.


3. The Shard

Standing at almost 310 metres tall, this venue is most certainly not for the faint hearted, or those with a fear of heights. The Shard is a 95 stories skyscraper part of the London Bridge Quarter development. Not only is it the tallest building in London and the European Union but also the 87th in the world. Incorporating offices, apartments and galleries all under one roof, it’s most impressive feature has to be the Shangri-La Hotel, which can accommodate up to 110 guests. Its spectacular views in a professional space is the ideal setting for both business meetings and social gatherings. It’s not like they’ll be left idle what with all the restaurants, views of the city and retailers.

the shard.jpg

4. QEII Centre

It’s always difficult to find a blank canvas venue. And by blank canvas, I mean waiting to be decorated. Known for its excellent location and service, the centre is the largest dedicated conference and exhibition venue in London with world class facilities for an efficient and effective conference, exhibition or convention. Their creative and intelligent use of technology has led to the centre being turned into an indoor tennis court, a winter wonderland, Japanese garden, circus tent and even an Oscar’s night. Accommodating up to 2,500 delegates, the centre hosts over 400 national and international events a year. So why not use your imagination to impress attendees.


5. The Roof Gardens

It’s always nice to get away from the busy streets of London. And it’s even nicer when you’re 100ft above the city having a delicious meal. The Roof Gardens in Kensington is comprised of three gardens spanning across an impressive 1.5 acres, accompanied by a private members club and the Babylon Restaurant. As one of the most exclusive venues in West London, the 7th floor holds amazing views of the skyline along with impeccable service. Part of Virgin Limited Edition, it holds a special place is Sir. Richard Branson’s portfolio of unique retreats. Whether you need to cater for 50 or 200 guests, this venue can hold up to 500 making it the perfect getaway for lunch seminars, gala dinners of business meetings. And afterwards, attendees can treat themselves to a dance at their discos.



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