About Me

Ferris Wheel

Alas, from the long long away Tipperary, I dreamed for more.

Three years ago the prospect of moving to Kerry presented itself. So off I went on an adventure to the far west. To a place where I could become a writer. To a place where an ole’ culchie like myself soon realised was one of the best decisions of my life.

The course? Wonderful.

The place? Gorgeous.

The people? Hilarious.

As a child in a rural town, there wasn’t much going on. And there wasn’t much to seen. Television gave me a glimpse of the possibilities. I was captivated. And it has ever since been a constant. In the midst of early mornings, late nights and work, I have managed to become a functional tv-holic.

Many may not have mastered the art of juggling life with an addiction. Some Good TV is the first step to avoid appearing on the next episode of Jerry Springer.

Eliminate the time wasted on mundane, repetitive shows. I am by no means a critic. I am only a fan of original, dramatic stories.


Please leave feedback and tell me your opinions or conclusions.

Peace and love,


Liam Cunningham

The delightful pleasure of meeting Liam Cunningham at MCM Comic Con 2015.