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Here Comes Generation Z

Every generation develops different wants, needs and desires as they progress from children to adults. I am one of Generation Z’s oldest members who will be turning 21 this year. Generally the terms narcissistic, spoilt and entitled are related to the generation born between 1995 and 2010. These clichés have been put in place simply… Continue reading Here Comes Generation Z

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The Secrets to Making Your Event Timeless

So your event went perfectly bar the few hick-ups—no big deal. Your main goal was to entertain attendees so if they’re happy, you should be happy. But your job doesn’t simply end when the last guest leaves. Now you need to immortalise the entire event. You need to share the success with as many potential… Continue reading The Secrets to Making Your Event Timeless

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How to Promote Your Event

So you have the catering, the venue and the speakers but something’s missing—the guests. You could arrange your event to perfection, checking every minute detail but if there’s no guest, there’s no event. Attendees are great; you get a crowd at something you organised, feedback and you get to see everything unfold. You want to… Continue reading How to Promote Your Event

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Diets and How to Cater for Them at Your Event

They say that food is the way to anyone’s heart, so a hungry or happy guest can either make or break your event. It’s no surprise that food plays a very important role in the overall success but as events and conferences become more and more international, diet trends gain more and more momentum. Between… Continue reading Diets and How to Cater for Them at Your Event

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Creative Ways to Wow Employees at Your Event

Have you ever met your top sales assistant? Could a manager pick out an intern in a room of strangers? Are your employees friends or acquaintances? Internal events have become one of the most engaging ways to motivate and bond employees. Not only do they bring everyone together as a community by closing the gap… Continue reading Creative Ways to Wow Employees at Your Event