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Here Comes Generation Z

Every generation develops different wants, needs and desires as they progress from children to adults. I am one of Generation Z’s oldest members who will be turning 21 this year. Generally the terms narcissistic, spoilt and entitled are related to the generation born between 1995 and 2010. These clichés have been put in place simply… Continue reading Here Comes Generation Z

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Benefits of Hosting A Roadshow

It’s always easier to get information straight from the horse’s mouth. That’s why when a company is ready to go public in search of investment, the top executives will venture on a roadshow. These are designed to provide potential investors extra information about the company and who is running it, or they are directed towards… Continue reading Benefits of Hosting A Roadshow

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Steps to a Successful Trade Show

Trade shows have become just as popular as exhibitions and conferences when marketing a business. Whether to gain new customers or to advertise a new product or service, your overall main objective is to gain larger recognition. However, with competitive stalls and technology around every corner, simply showing up with brochures and banners will not… Continue reading Steps to a Successful Trade Show

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The Secrets to Making Your Event Timeless

So your event went perfectly bar the few hick-ups—no big deal. Your main goal was to entertain attendees so if they’re happy, you should be happy. But your job doesn’t simply end when the last guest leaves. Now you need to immortalise the entire event. You need to share the success with as many potential… Continue reading The Secrets to Making Your Event Timeless

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Tips and Tricks for Planners using Qmeeto

We’ve taken a look at how to ease your stress while still creating a more efficient and effective event. You’re not going to please everyone, but you certainly can please the majority. Get on the road to successful events with these tips. Email scheduling while you’re out You need to make sure your emails get… Continue reading Tips and Tricks for Planners using Qmeeto